Rox Steady
Classic Rock- Now and Zen
Rox Steady is dedicated to providing the backbeat to your Good Times! Established on a foundation of solid, highly cherished classic rock hits from then until now, the band plumbs the vaults for some of rock’s less frequently heard best gems and delivers them in their own inimitable style.

Roxie T, as the heart and soul of the group, provides the ‘Beauty to the Beast’ of the Rox Steady Band.

Mark T dishes up meaty blues chops, psychedelic noodlings and reckless rock guitar riffs with fire and passion to recreate some of rock’s finest moments. His vocals on classic pop ballads provides additional depth to the male side of the band’s otherwise harder rock repertoire

Mark S keeps the bottom thumping with low end as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. His strong rock and blues vocals front some of the bands hard edge songs and soaring harmonies provide melodic depth to support Rox Steady’s other vocal lead contributions.

Booking Info: Mark Terry @ 313-570-6230
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